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Special Exhibition
Bewitching Enameled Glass
Gallé, Daum, Lalique

Emile Gallé (1846-1904) was a major force in Art Nouveau, a fin-de-siècle trend in the arts. When Gallé appeared on the scene, transparent, crystal glass ruled the world of glass. What reversed that trend was Gallé’s work in colored glass. To reproduce the natural colors of flowers, insects, and other subjects faithfully, he first took up the difficult task of mastering the enameled glass technique, applying glass enamel pigments and firing them at low temperatures to fuse them to the glass. Applying enamels with a brush, he was able to create painterly depictions. Adding gold pigment to his works produced the lavishly gorgeous effect of gold or silver vessels, winning him great acclaim.
The Kitazawa Museum of Art, known around the world for its collection of glass by Gallé, Daum, and Lalique, is delighted to mount a special exhibition introducing Art Nouveau masterpieces and focusing on enameled glass. Gallé’s early period Clair-de-lune glass, the Daum brothers’ elaborately painted works, works by Lalique that highlight the boldness of Art Deco: please enjoy the fascination of this elegant, sophistocated enameled glass.

Saturday, March 13, 2021 to Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Open: All year round,
   except for Friday, October 1,2021,
   when some of the displays will be changed.

9:00 – 18:00 (April – September)
9:00 – 17:00 (October–March)

Admission fee

Adults ¥1000, junior high school students ¥500, elementary school age and younger children free.
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.
*Groups of eight or more receive a ¥100 discount per person on the fees listed above.

■ Organizer

Kitazawa Museum of Art Foundation

■ Supporter

Kitz Corporation

*Kitz Corporation supports the Kitazawa Museum of Art Foundation
as part of its philanthropic program.

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Emile Gallé
”Clair de Lune" Vase with Cornflowers
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Emile Gallé
Hexagonal Vase with Menyanthes trifoliata
1900, model design 1892
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Emile Gallé
Vase with Crows on Pine Tree in the Snow
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Daum Frères
Footed Vase with Hunting and Fishing scenes
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Daum Frères
Vase "Cornflower and Reseda"
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René Lalique
Vase Berries

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