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Special Exhibition Commemorating the 120th Anniversary of Émile Gallé’s Death
The Kitazawa Museum’s Gallé

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the movement known as Art Nouveau spread throughout Europe. In the field of glass, Émile Gallé (1846-1904), born in Nancy in northeast France, led the way. A glass artist, Gallé also created ceramics and cabinetry. His radically new designs incorporating natural forms, especially plants and insects, in all three media were highly regarded and won the Grand Prix at the Paris Expo in 1889 and again in 1900.
Roughly four decades ago, when few remembered Gallé, Kitazawa Museum founder Kitazawa Toshio (1917-1997) began passionately collecting Gallé’s work with the aim of creating a “small but brilliantly unique museum” dedicated to beauty for beauty’s sake. His now world-famous collection ranges from early works by Gallé influenced by Japonisme to works presented at the Paris Expo and also includes masterpieces from Galle’s final years. Particularly notable is the Lamp: Les Coprins.
For this exhibition commemorating the 120th anniversary of Galle’s death, we have chosen nearly one hundred works, including some treasured masterpieces rarely displayed. We are also showing works by Gallé’s competitors, the Brothers Daum. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy this glimpse of the gorgeous world of glass art.

Period: Saturday, March 16, 2024 to Tuesday, March 11, 2025

Open every day except, October 1, December 31, and January 1

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Major Works on Display
Emile Gallé from Kitazawa Collection
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Lamp ”Les Coprins”
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Double Carp Vase with Carp Design
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Long-necked Bottle with Dragonfly
c.1889 Model exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1889
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Mounted Vase with Aquilegia
Dated "1900" Model exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900
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Petal-shaped Vase "Poppy"
Dated "Expo 1900" Exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900
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Long-necked Bottle
"La Solanée" (Eggplant)

Dated "1900" Model exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900
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Coupe "Rose de France"
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Coupe "Violet"
Dated "1900" Model exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900
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Coupe with Fish

In the exhibition room,You can listen to descriptions of the works on display using your smartphone.
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